Designates are required to earn at least 20 MCPE points per annum to maintain their professional qualification annually. Members who do not meet the required MCPE points will be advised of their position with the Institute periodically. The MCPE points can be obtained in the following manner:

ProgramsMCPE PointsFrequency
1Compliance Live Webinar2Happens every month
2Monthly Compliance Webinar2Happens every month
3ACIN Training5Two training streams
4DCP Training5Two training streams
5IFCA Congress7A 5-day event that happens once a year
6CIN Annual General Meeting/Dinner5Happens once a year
7Annual Induction Ceremony5Happens once a year
7CIN Council and Committee Meetings2 
8Facilitation at seminars and other events of the Institute3 
9Publications in the Institute’s journal/newsletter2 
10Other seminars, workshops organized by the Institute2 
11Examination exercises (Invigilation, marking, etc)3 
13Sponsorship of students and graduates into the Institute’s membership2 
14Training programs from other Professional bodies and Institute’s As to be determined by the Council