• Every member of the Institute is required to obtain a minimum of twenty (20) points annually

  • A member of the Institute is required to obtain a minimum of 20 points (which could be obtained solely from structured training or a combination of unstructured seminars in a year

  • The structured training / program are Mandatory Continuing Professional Education (MCPE), Continuing Professional Education (CPE), Executive Continuing Professional Education (ECPE), and Executive Mandatory Continuing Professional Education (EMCPE)

  • The unstructured training / program include seminars, workshops, meetings, etc. organised by the Institute or other organisations, CIN Annual Dinner, CIN Annual General Meeting, Council and Committee meetings, Examination exercises (Invigilation, marking, extraction and pool setting), Retreats, Publications in the Institute’s journal, District Societies meetings

  • Facilitation at MCPE seminars and other events of the Institute

  • Sponsorship of students for registration, exemptions, examinations and registration for induction into membership

  • Sponsorship of graduate members for the Institute’s membership

  • Elevation to Fellowship

  • Membership of Committees

Mandatory Continued Professional Education (MCPE)